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Migration to Jekyll

less than 1 minute read

Little by little I am migrating and translating all my texts from old blogs and articles spread across the internet to my old new corner. Many texts are not ...

About Gravatar

3 minute read

Gravatar, short for “Globally Recognized Avatar,” is a service that allows users to create a profile picture that follows them across the web. Launched in 20...

Why ruby? Por que Ruby?

10 minute read

This is the first time I’m taking a blog article and translating it into Portuguese. I did this because I consider the reasons listed to be very relevant and...

Joystick mouse using Teensy

2 minute read

I’ve been playing around with physical computing and accepted my first project for a device using a microprocessor. While the component I need to finish this...

A holographic world

less than 1 minute read

A dream…​ Imagine drawing using a tool like this…​

Time travel

2 minute read

Reading this month’s Super Interessante magazine about “destiny” I was presented with the temporal question about the theory of relativity. Not that it’s ne...

PHP Scripts

less than 1 minute read

Just stopped by to leave the information that I made some PHP scripts and made them available on the website Here:


1 minute read

Nonsense thoughts transformed into poetry… Or not…

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